Breast Lift surgery

To lift or not to lift?

There are many reasons women’s breasts are different shapes including, weight gain or weight loss, aging, pregnancy, hormonal changes, breast deformity as well as genetics. In evaluating a patient’s need for a breast lift Dr. Corbin addresses several issues: overall breast shape, nipple location, amount of excess skin, amount of sag, elasticity ofthe breast skin and the best location on the breasts for the least amount of scarring.

If a woman’s breasts are sagging no amount of exercise, laser treatments, breast firming gels or creams or push up bras are proven to permanently lift the breasts. The only permanent way to lift breasts is with breast lift surgery.

The goal of Breast surgery is to give each patient the best result possible. If a patient would benefit from a breast lift with their augmentation and doesn’t have one they will only have a larger version of the breasts they started off with. A breast augmentation alone only makes the breasts larger it does not lift the breasts.

Breast Augmentation without a lift performed
by another surgeon. Dr. Corbin corrected the appearance
of the patients breasts by replacing the breast implants
and lifting the breasts with a Binelli mastopexy.

We have seen many patients over the years that thought or were told by surgeons that breast implants would make droopy breasts perkier and more youthful appearing. This is simply not true. The weight of breast implants will only make droopy breasts droopier and not lift anything.

Patient who wanted Perkier breasts only.
Her first surgeon told her that breast implants give her perkier breasts.
All she ended up with was larger droopier breasts.
Dr. Corbin improved the appearance of this patients breasts
by removing the breast implants and performing a breast lift.

Also, a breast lift alone will not change the amount of breast tissue a patient has naturally, it will only reshape the breast and or reposition the nipples.

Breast lift without implants

If a patient wishes to have larger perkier breasts they may want to include an augmentation with their breast lift surgery.

Detailed mastopexy with breast implants

Many patients ask the breast expert, Dr. Corbin, how they can evaluate their breasts before their consultation to determine if they need a breast lift. We have put together a basic check list for patients which may help to determine whether a breast lift is right for them.

Breast Lift Checklist

1. One or both of your nipples point downward.
2. One or both of your nipples are at or below your breast crease.
3. Your breasts lack a pleasant shape and firmness.
4. Your breast skin is loose and sags and the nipples are at an undesirable location on the breasts.
5. Your breasts size is good, but they are pendulous and their shape and nipple location could be improved.
6. You have a breast deformity.
7. You have had children and or breast fed and noticed changes in breast shape, skin tone, firmness and the nipple location.
8. You have had weight loss and have skin laxity and nipples at or below the inframammary crease.
9. If you want your nipples higher on the breasts.
10. You want your breasts to be “Perkier”.
11. If one of your nipples is at a different height than the other and a lift is need to correct the difference.

You may be a candidate for a breast lift if you meet any of the criteria

If you checked off one or more of the 11 points from the checklist and you would also like to increase your breast size you may be a candidate for a breast lift with augmentation.

If you have not checked off any of these 11 points and you just want to increase your breast size, you may be a good candidate for an augmentation mammoplasty

Our patient care coordinator Dee has found after interviewing thousands of breast surgery candidates that if they can’t go bra less in a halter top, or strapless summer T-shirt these are some of the patients who benefit from breast lifts.

Breast Lift Surgery Options for the best results

At Dr. Corbin’s office there are many breast surgery options to give you the prettiest breasts. Dr. Corbin can perform any type of breast lift. He generally evaluates each patient’s anatomy and surgery goals to determine which breast lift will give the patient the best results. Dr. Corbin performs crescent lifts, Binelli breast lifts, circum areolar breast lifts, Lajour breast lifts, Spair breast lifts or inverted T breast lifts. In evaluating each patients need Dr. Corbin tries to suggest a plastic surgery procedure that will give each patient maximum lift with minimal scarring.

If a woman’s breasts are very droopy and the nipples are at or below the breast crease it is very likely that they would benefit from a circum vertical breast lift. The saggier the breasts and the lower the location of the nipple or nipples the more detailed the breast lift should be.

Circum vertical mastopexy


Not all Plastic Surgeons are created Equal

Not all Surgeons perform the many different breast lift techniques. Beware of “the too good to be true” surgery options. The majority of the breast lift revisions we correct from other surgeons work is usually due to the patient needing a major breast lift and the surgeon only performed a minor breast lift procedure to try and correct the breast ptosis.

Patient Evaluation

One of the most important aspects of a patient’s consultation is the surgeon’s physical examination and evaluation of the patients surgical needs. For example, a patient who has droopy breasts with nipples at or below the breast crease would not benefit from a crescent lift only. If a crescent breast lift is performed on this type of patient, minimal to no breast lift can be expected and because the incision is at the top of the nipple areolar only, generally the nipple will be pulled up slightly and the weight of the breasts can cause the nipples to be misshapen and or to become enlarged and stretched out.

Constricted Breast Deformity

Also for patients with various natural breast deformities like constricted breasts the diagnosis must be recognized by the plastic surgeon prior to surgery. Initial diagnosis is important for a number of reasons. First so the patient can be informed of the deformity. Second, so the surgeon can educated the patient on the corrective surgery procedure. And third, if the constricted breast diagnosis is not made before surgery, and the proper reconstructive surgery is not done, the shape and unattractive appearance of the breast deformity may look worse after surgery. Patients with constricted breasts are not candidates for breast augmentation alone. If a plastic surgeon inexperienced in this diagnosis fails to recognize the appearance of one or both constricted breasts and fails todo a liftthe patient will not have an attractive surgical outcome.

constricted breasts

An Accurate Evaluation + An Experienced Plastic Surgeon = Beautiful Breasts

A better candidate for the crescent lift is a patient who has nipples at different heights and needs a slight lift on one nipple to match the other nipple height or a patient who would benefit from a slight nipple lift on both sides.

crescent lift on one nipple

Sometimes women who have had pregnancies and or breast fed have pseudo ptosis where there is a lot of extra skin, less breast tissue and nipples that sit above the breast crease. These women may also be good candidates for crescent breast lifts with breast augmentations to restore fullness to the breast and give them a more youthful appearance.

pseudo ptosis crescent lift

Personal Consultation

The best way to determine which breast enhancement surgery will create the most beautiful breasts for you is to be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in all the different types of breast lift techniques. When booking your personal consultation with Dr. Corbin’s office please let our staff know if you think you are a candidate for a breast lift. This may add a little extra time to your consultation. Our goal is to give you the most accurate, and informative information on the latest surgery techniques. We take great pride in educating you about the breast procedure that will give you the beautiful breasts you desire.

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