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Name: Bonnie Bust: 37
Waist: 22 Hips: 32
Height: 5'7 1/2 Weight: 108
Personal Goals: Learning how to be more accepting of people and their behaviors. Committing to be the best person I can be. Never taking anyone of anything for granted. Truly loving deep from my heart and soul.
Pet Peeves: Flaky, inconsiderate people, dishonesty, superficial and shallowness with no depth. Those people afraid to be themselves. Those that refuse to help other people. Those that don’t use their heart, mind and soul in every decision they make.
Personal Style: Depends on my moods. When working at home I prefer jeans and tight tee shirts, but if I had my choice Id prefer to walk around naked. My evening attire tends to gravitate toward the elegant classic look. More of an Audrey Hepburn style. Definitely not a slave to fashion and I don't go out of my way to impress others. I tend to cater more to myself and how I feel at the moment.
Perfect Day: A perfect day for me would include a bikini, being poolside but ubder an umbrella enjoying relaxing to some relaxing music and great conversation and possibly an apple martini if my mood calls for it.
Hobbies: All sports especially water sports, gardening, movies, painting, designing, long walks, cooking, organizing to perfection, Disneyland. I also have a passion for romantic novels, movies, and music.
Inspiration: All my inspirations come from within myself. When I rise out of bed my first thought is what can I do to better myself and others around me. How can I help someone today who is less fortunate than I am. That inspires what my day is going to be like.

Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. Helping friends in time of crisis
2. Helping the less fortunate
3. Having deep friendships and spending time with people I care about


Patient Testimonial Breast Augmentation surgery revision:
After I was satisfied with my research that day an hour after I met Dr. Corbin O scheduled my surgery for the following Saturday, knowing I had already paid out 9000.00 to another surgeon the day before.

Dr. Corbin is truly amazing in his field and I felt safe in his hands. Instantaneously I trusted him. I felt a sense of comfort and was at ease the moment he walked into the room. I knew he was the skilled artist for me, I felt as if I was in gods hands.

Dr. Corbin is beyond amazing I had no idea that he could actually make my breasts more beautiful. I was in the hands of a skilled artist. He was real, honest, genuine and very confident. All the qualities I look for in Plastic Surgeon. His wife was so kind, sweet and endearing, just felt a sense of trust and safety.

After my augmentation revision surgery I walked off the table and walked myself out the door, I had zero pain and as soon as I got home I started cleaning the house. So I handled the discomfort wonderfully and the recovery was not difficult at all to say the least. There was not much swelling or discomfort; I hardly took anything for pain.

Dr. Corbin is an artist and a true genius in the field of Plastic Surgery. He is highly publicized by his patients and other reliable sources. And it all is backed up by his work which truly speaks volumes.