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Patient Testimonial breast implants: I struggled with the idea of plastic surgery for years. I saw many surgeons and did a great deal of research. I wanted to be absolutely sure I had the best surgeon.

It wasn’t until I met Dr.Frederic Corbin and his amazing office staff, that I knew I could go through with a breast augmentation. Dr. Corbin, his experience, his concern for his patients and his reputation as a great surgeon are incredible. He and his office let me take my time and ask a million questions. I never felt rushed or pushed into having surgery. I felt like I was in the right hands. People who cared and wanted me to have the best surgery results more

Patient Testimonial breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills: I Like most women considering breast implant surgery, I visited many Doctors before meeting with Dr. Corbin. My initial feeling was one of ease. Walking into the office I was greeted with a smile. While I waited for Dr. Corbin, Dee, his assistant , took me into a room where we discussed the different implant types and sizes and I was able to see first hand which ones would look best on my body frame. Most of the doctors before had only shown me photos of how I would look, but none actually had the implants available so that I could try them on. Seeing how I would look with larger size breasts was very exciting. After meeting wit Dr. Corbin, I knew he was the surgeon I wanted to perform my more

Patient Testimonial breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills: Breastfeeding three babies for 18 months each was definitely beneficial for the babies, but my breasts were destroyed! I went from a perky B cup to a droopy struggling A cup.

I decided that I deserved to feel good about my body again. After 1 year of research, I chose Dr. Corbin because of his honesty and his impressive credentials. I asked Dr. Corbin to give me breasts that look natural. I just wanted to look like myself again and not a playboy centerfold. Dr. Corbin gave me exactly what I asked for. I am so pleased! I am a perky B cup again and they are not hard and shaped like balloons. My breasts are so natural looking and comfortable I sometimes forget I had the surgery. Dr. Corbin is a magnificent doctor. The whole staff was caring, helpful and friendly. I really appreciate Dee’s patience because I asked a million questions! more


Patient Testimonial breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills: Dr. Corbin’s the man!! I first came to Dr. Corbin with big, saggy titties!! They were basically very ugly! He agreed and we proceeded forward with surgery. He removed my ugly hanging breast implants first. I had to be without my implants for about 4 months. I was flat chested and hated it. This was the worse part of both of my surgeries. The first few days after my implant removal surgery I had drains that I had to empty every few hours. I would have to say I did not enjoy this much. It is very hard and emotionally difficult to be boobless! Not only was I flat chested I had nothing but saggy skin and nipples as breasts. My natural breasts were so deformed more