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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Laura Bust: 35
Waist: 26 Hips: 31
Height: 5'3 Weight: 120
Personal Goals: : To Help humanity and the environment. To succeed in my passions. To be the best I can be. To make a good living going what I love. To create a template for healthy sustainable communities and better education.
Pet Peeves: people who steal, bad drivers, negative/snobby/mean/greedy people who waste life in general
Perfect day: A day outside with beautiful weather, clear sky, perfect temp hiking in the mountains, running on the beach, harvesting herbs and flowers, sunbathing, playing with my daughter in waterfalls and rivers.
Personal Style: Simple down to earth, organic, natural, artistic, glamorous, open minded
Hobbies: singing, dancing, painting, gardening, designing, writing, sewing
Inspiration: Nature, Martin Luther King, Maynard James Keenan, Tori Amos, Amma Chi (the hugging saint) JFK, the universe, Dr. Robert Cassar
Three Most Important Things to Me:
The environment
My Family
My freedom

Breast Augmentation Testimonial:
I was drawn to Dr. Corbin and his staff because of their professional presentation, many years of experience and amazing results. I also very much related to and appreciated the acts of selfless service Dr. Corbin and his staff offer to children and people by travelling to foreign countries and giving them reconstructive surgery at no charge. Combine Dr. Corbin, love and compassion and they have a new life! Dr. Frederic Corbin and his staff were extremely efficient, professional and prepared. I felt like the entire time I was in good hands.

Dr. Corbin and his staff treated me kindly, took me seriously and offered me the best in quality surgery as well as pre care and aftercare.

I know Dr. Corbin could do his job with his eyes closed; however, I am grateful that he doesn’t. After my breast surgery I feel much more balanced and confident and beautiful. I am very satisfied with my experience and I am grateful I chose the best surgeon in the world to complete my surgery after all my research.

Thank you for changing my life in a great way.