Breast Surgery Patient - Large Breast Augmentation

Large Breast Surgery Patient

Large Breast Surgery PatientLarge Breast Augmentation PatientLarge Breast Implant PatientLarge Breast Silicone Plastic Surgery Patient

Name: Tracy Bust: 34????
Waist: 22 Hips: 33
Height: 5'2 Weight: 107
Personal Goals: Travel around the world
Buy a beautiful house
Look as beautiful and young as long as I can
Never loose touch with family and friends.
Perfect day: Waking up not tired. Spending the day with my boyfriend on the beach. Having a few cocktails and dancing the night away. The end to my perfect day would be my boyfriend asking me to marry him.
Pet Peeves: People who lie and lousy drivers.
Personal Style: Sexy and rock n' roll. I like Rock music and also punk rock.
Hobbies: I drive a Ford F250 with a fifteen inch lift on forty inch tires. I like to "GO BIG" in life! I also ride street and dirt bikes and enjoy getting tattoo's.
Inspiration: My mother is my inspiration in most things that I do in life.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
1). My Family and friends
2). My lover
3). My pets

Testimonial large breast augmentation:
My name is Tracy, and I live in Southern California. I have been a patient of Frederic Corbin since 1998. I have had three breast surgeries with him to get to the breast size I am now. I was referred to him through a friend of mine who is another Doctors wife. I was going to go to another surgeon in Beverly Hills and she insisted I go and meet Dr. Corbin first. She said, at least I know Dr. Corbin will be straight forward with you and he is also an excellent surgeon.

I first met Dr. Corbin in his Orange County office. My girlfriend came to my consultation with me. I had very small breasts and my goal was to go as big as I could go! Dr. Corbin told me that he would not put in the size of breast implants I wanted. He told me because my skin was tight and I had such small breasts I could only go to a 525 cc Saline safely.

I cried, but something in me said, you can trust this doctor and so I booked my first breast augmentation surgery in June of 1998. I listened to Dr.C and went with a full D cup 525 cc's. I was 26 years old and went from having a very small B cup to a beautiful D cup bra size. This was the biggest Dr. Corbin felt I could be at the time.

I had the best recovery after my surgery. I did everything required to take care of myself and heal. I took the medication recommended and I did not get even one bruise. I had breast surgery to enhance the way I looked. I was very pleased with the outcome of my first breast implant surgery, but I always knew that I would have another breast augmentation to go larger in size. The size of my first implants was very close to what I originally wanted, but I wanted more! I was married at the time and my ex husband tried to control my decisions about what I was going to do with my body. We eventually divorced.

It was 4 years later when I made the decision to have my second breast surgery. I was completely ready to take on a new and larger look. I was 30 years old at the time of my second surgery. I had my breast augmentation on April 1st 2002. Dr. Corbin and his staff once again were wonderful. He and his caring staff were always there for me. They called me before and after my surgeries and always let me know they cared.

For my second breast surgery I went from 525cc saline implants to 805 cc saline implants. This put me in the full DD range in bra size. Once again I had another outstanding recovery process and surgery outcome. My mother took care of me after all of my surgeries. I thank god for her! I was extremely happy with my new breast size and I was loving all the attention too! I loved all the stares and looks I got from men and women. Even with out the extra attention, I also felt so much better about myself. My confidence level was the highest it has ever been at that time in my life and I thank Dr. Corbin for his expertise. I feel his surgeries made me look and feel better about myself. My breasts look and feel beautiful. Even thought I loved the new bigger breast size with my 805 CC implants I still knew that I would be seeing Dr. Corbin again to go bigger. Each time I went back to him everyone in the office tried to talk me out of going to the largest size I finally chose. Dr. Corbin always said," safety first" and he would only increase my implant size gradually to achieve the best and safest result.

Because my breasts were so beautiful and perfect my friends and family also said" don't change a thing you look great!" In the end I always knew I was going to have a third surgery to go larger.

Three years went by so fast. After a lot of thought I decided to have my third surgery. I was working and during my shift bartending I made up my mind. I called Dr. Corbin's office and made my surgery appointment while I was still at work. Everyone at the office is very helpful and accommodating. Dee schedule my third breast surgery for the next available surgical date. Sometimes the date to get in to have surgery with Dr. Corbin can be a wait so I got used to calling in advance to book my surgery. From the minute I booked my surgery I was so excited that it's all I could think about.

I am 33 now and I had my last surgery in December, 2005. I had another successful and comfortable recovery with no problems! I knew the whole time that things would be fine again and go well. And it did. I don't know my bra size, but all I know is that I am so happy with my new breasts. I love large breasts and now I definitely have them! I also make bigger tips at work too. Bigger is better! I know this sounds funny, but my breasts are paying for themselves.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone who works for Dr. Corbin. And special thanks to Dr. Corbin himself for teaching me safety first, patience, and for making these beautiful big breasts. I thank god for you every day.

Tracy .