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Testimonial: I was never insecure about my small chest. What makes me feel good about my body and myself is when I am working out a lot and taking care of myself. However, as I got older I decided that having a larger breast size would make my life a little more fun and enjoyable so I bought myself a breast augmentation with Dr. Corbin for my 30th Birthday present. ..more

Testimonial: I got breast implants because I was not confident with my appearance; I had low self esteem because I was only a 34 A and I was never able to wear the cute tops I wanted. I had thought about breast implants forever. I heard so many great things about Dr. Corbin so I booked an appointment to learn more about the surgery. ..more

Testimonial Breast Augmentation redo Surgery: My name is Terra I am 30 years old and feel like Im 23. I had my children early on in life and couldn't help but notice after having them that I shared a striking resemblance to these African woman I saw on the Discovery Channel one day. You know the one's they show that have their breast exposed and clearly have never worn a bra because their breast hand flat to their bellybuttons. That is how I felt after children like someone popped both my breast. So finally I decided to do something about it..more

Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation:
I considered getting breast implants for several months prior to my consultation with Dr. Corbin. However, I was very nervous in selecting my surgeon because I had heard so many horror stories pertaining to cosmetic surgery.

I was referred to Dr. Corbin by a family friend and after researching his impressive credentials and work I decided to take the first step and book my consultation appointment. .more