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It's never too late to take control of your diet and exercise habits and give them a total makeover. It's no secret that as the body ages the metabolism slows down making it necessary to adjust the foods we eat, the portions we consume and the exercise programs we choose. Looking and feeling your best is a lifestyle that may also include a little help from a beauty expert.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Corbin has over 20 years experience with helping men and women create their ideal bodies. According to this beauty expert," A healthy diet and regular exercise program are the basic essentials needed to start creating a healthy, beautiful, happy body."

"I am a plastic surgeon who practices what I preach. I believe in healthy habits for life. I am the same weight I was in college. I have always worked out in combination with eating right to maintain my health and weight. I realize that this is not the case for everybody. Everyday I see patients who for whatever reason have gained weight and are unhappy with their current body shape or size. I am here to help my patients achieve their ideal body image. I believe healthy living is a lifestyle choice and so is plastic surgery. While I maintain that no one needs cosmetic surgery, there are people want it and who would definitely benefit from it."

One of Dr. Corbin's patients Robin is a true example of how a successful lifestyle change including diet and exercise combined with plastic surgery can truly transform someone from the inside out!

Age has nothing to do with looking your best! Sexy at 60, this beautiful woman proves that she can still bring her sexy back at any age!

For Robin it was time to make a change! "After spending many years taking care of my parents and letting myself go, I decided it was time for me! I started working out with a personal trainer, eating the right foods and paying more attention to myself and my appearance. In 9 months I lost 30 pounds and dropped 17% body fat. Wow, I now have incredible energy and a very positive attitude about myself and my body. The only part of my appearance that I was not happy with was my Breasts and face. The weight loss turned my 36 C breasts into 36AA breasts. It was after my weight loss I thought about a breast augmentation and facial surgery. "

Dr. Corbin states that the benefits of weigh loss can create subtle to significant physical changes some of which can't be improved with diet and exercise alone.

Robin actual patient

Robin saw many changes not only to her body, but to her face as well following weigh loss. "Because of my weight loss my face also lost fat and I had droopy looking skin which aged me. I felt I looked tired and sad which is not how I felt. After I met Dr. Corbin I also decided to have a face lift along with my breast augmentation."

According to Dr. Corbin it's not uncommon for weigh loss patients to also see a decrease amount of fat in the face which can age them. Some simple solutions for loss of volume in the face are fat injections to replace the fat or fillers to plump up the face where there is hollowness. If there is sagging of the skin then a face and or neck lift may be the best surgical route. If the skin has lost it's elasticity and has fine lines a laser may help to tighten and resurface the skin.

For Dr. Corbin's patient Robin she wanted the total makeover to bring her sexy back! "Having my facelift and breast augmentation done at the same time was the way to go! One anesthesia and one recovery period. To be honest, my breast augmentation and facelift surgeries were a very easy recovery for me. Sure my face and breasts swelled, but after 6 days I went in to see Dr. Corbin, he removed my stitches and then I went shopping!"

Dr. Corbin cautions patients that not everyone is a good candidate for multiple procedures, but Robin was in good health and she was aware of the surgical process and post operative healing time.

Robin credits Dr. Corbin and his staff for helping her through her surgery recovery. "I feel that a part of my easy recovery was due to the vitamins and specific post operative instructions given to me from Dr. Corbin's' staff. His nurses are also very helpful and caring. I am so happy with the outcome of both surgeries as I have a youthful and natural look to both my face and breasts."

From Dr. Corbin's years of experience he see's first hand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and plastic surgery. "Often when my patients make lifestyle changes in combination with plastic surgery it becomes a catalyst for other positive changes in their lives."

For Robin, she took control of her diet, exercise and physical changes inspiring her to help others. "I am now a personal trainer helping others to look their best. I enjoy helping others like Dr. Corbin who helps people see their true potential. He is not a salesman, just a caring, talented plastic surgeon making people look their best."

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