Dr. Corbin's patient Lisa

With love and respect we honor one of our dear friends and patients Lisa. Her courage and strength battling breast cancer inspired us as well as many women living with the disease. Lisa's compassion for other's and her honesty about life with breast cancer, the treatments and her breast reconstruction helped educate many women suffering from this disease.

We knew Lisa as a patient and grew to know her as a loving wife and amazing mother. Lisa was like our sister. When she was first diagnosed with her breast cancer she told me the hardest part about hearing she had the disease was looking into her husband Darrin's eyes and seeing his pain. Lisa worried that her infant son Elijah and her young daughter Hanna May would be too young to remember her. Lisa's enthusiasm for life gave her 3 more memorable years to live out her dreams. No One who ever met Lisa will ever forget her smile, her enthusiasm, her big heart, her beauty, her devotion to her family, her strength and her zest for life.

Even though our friend Lisa is not with us today the memories of her young life will always be remembered, celebrated and cherished. Our hearts go out to Lisa's family and friends.

Please join us in honoring the life of this angel, Lisa.

With Love, Dr. and Mrs Corbin, Dee, Ruth, Merriann, Alice, Marilyn, Lynne