Breast Surgery Patient of the Month
Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Alanah Bust: 34 C
Waist: 22 Hips: 31
Height: 5'4 Weight: 90
Personal Goals: To own a successful hair salon.
Perfect day: Relaxing with my boyfriend.
Pet Peeves: Leaving things unlocked. People who don’t dry off all the way after a shower and get dressed still wet.
Personal Style: Jeans, cute shirts and heels.
Hobbies: Doing hair and make up and riding at Glamis.
Inspiration: People who are always giving and expecting nothing in return.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. My loving boyfriend
2. My supportive family
3. Staying healthy


I knew I wanted a Breast augmentation once I realized my boobs weren’t going to get any bigger. I was so self conscious about being skinny and being flat chested didn’t help my body image.

My mom knows many friends who are patients of Dr. Corbin’s and some of them had breast augmentation surgery with him. We always heard nothing but fabulous and positive things about him and his work as a plastic surgeon.

When my mom found out that I really wanted breast implants she didn’t hesitate to call Dr. Corbin’s office at all. My mom wanted the best for me!

From the moment I first walked into the Brea office I knew instantly I was in the right place. I felt so comfortable and I was greeted with warm smiles that were truly sincere. Dr. Corbin and his staff including Marilyn, Merry Ann, Corinne, Dee and Alice all have warm hearts and they care about each and every patient.

Dr. Corbin is AMAZING AND SO PROFESSIONAL!! I felt very comfortable around him and I knew I could ask any questions. He educated me so much and as my plastic surgeon I felt like he was my father looking out for my best interests. When I first saw him and told him I wanted my scars in the breast crease he informed me of all my choices and recommended I not have a scar on or under my breasts. I am of Asian ethnicity and am always concerned about scarring so he showed me that he could make a very tiny incision in the crease of my underarms. I am so glad I listened to Dr. Corbin because my breasts look amazing and you can’t even see the scar in my armpit. He spent extra time to make sure I understood everything and to me this shows concern for his work and his patients.

I couldn’t be happier with my results. I always get compliments on how natural and beautiful my breasts are. Now I love showing them off in cute tops that I could never wear before. I recommend to everyone considering plastic surgery…Dr. Corbin.

XO Alanah