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Testimonial Breast Augmentation Surgery:
I Love Dr. Corbin!!!. I am so glad that I found him. I know other patients of his who also love his plastic surgery work. Since my breast surgery with Dr. Corbin my breasts look amazing and they fit my body. I have a great shape and I am now proportioned. I am a very happy patient...more  

Testimonial Breast Implant Surgery: I have friends who are patients of Dr. Corbin's. One of them like me had a baby and the other girlfriend didn't. Both of my friends ended up with beautiful breasts after Dr. Corbin did surgery on them. This is one of the reasons I chose him, because his results are great!!

Testimonial Breast Implant Surgery: You know, sometimes I still can’t believe it. I have to remind myself that it’s not something I’m thinking about doing---it’s actually done. Things have gone so well that it’s almost like my body has been this way all along. I couldn’t have imagined a better result...more

Testimonial Breast Implant Surgery:
I went for my consultation exactly two weeks before my surgery date was set in stone. It took meeting the staff & Dr. Corbin himself 1 time before knowing almost instantly that he was the right doctor for me. Everything was explained to me following my questions, and I scheduled my surgery date that day!