Breast Surgery Patient of the Month

Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Gina Bust: 34DDD
Waist: Hips:
Height: 5'3" Weight: 125
Personal Goals: Become a professional dancer for a NFL team
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers, dog haters
Personal Style: To be down to earth, with a great personality
Hobbies: Playing with my Yorkies, hanging out with my family & friends, gym, sketching in AutoCAD
Inspiration: Success – I always want people to be proud of me and to look up to me.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. Family
2. My 3 Yorkies; Shady, Cali, and Mia
3. My reputation

Dr. Corbin has changed my life.

Growing up, I was always very petite. I got picked-on all through school. I was called a 2" x 4", itty-bitty titty committee, stick, etc. Dr. Corbin did my first set of breasts when I was only 18 years old. Being that young you need a caring expert like Dr. Corbin. He made me feel comfortable and confident. After my first breast augmentation, I did not get teased or picked on. It felt amazing to finally look like a woman, and have people notice me. After the first surgery I was a full C cup. They fit my body perfectly, they looked so natural people could hardly tell they were implants.

This time around, I wanted the high fake look, and of course bigger. My breasts are perfect, I couldn't wish for them to be any different. Dr. Corbin and his staff are excellent. They explain everything and help you throughout the entire process. Dee and Alice were beyond nice when helping me try on sizes and trying to figure out the right amount of cc's. I am so indecisive, but they made it easy for me. Surgery day came and I was terribly nervous. The staff there made it smooth and comfortable for me; they took all my nerves away. I'm beyond thankful for Dr. Corbin and his staff!

With love, Gina