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Name: Janelle Bust: 36
Waist: 24 Hips: 34
Height: 5'4 Weight: 125
Personal Goals: Obtain Bachelor of Science Nursing / Sports Nutrition Degree, travel the world, continue to expand skillsets & business, grow character, stay youthful, get fit!
Pet Peeves: Clutter, disorganization and dirty things. Pessimists, tardiness, flakes, inconsiderate /disrespectful, selfish & thoughtless characters.
Perfect day: Feeling productive, staying out of LA traffic, spending quality time & making lifetime memories with loved ones.
Personal Style: Natural makeup, long straight hair, nothing too "extra" or high maintenance... apparel that's fitted, looks sexy or functional.
Hobbies: Bodybuilding, cooking, DIY projects, decorating, art of all sorts, sewing, photography, film and modeling.
Inspiration: In general, humble & driven individuals in all shapes & forms: from entrepreneurs, successors of earned achievements to family members, friends and mentors.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
Achieving Goals


Testimonial Breast Augmentation and Redo:
I came to Dr. Corbin as a referral from my girlfriend, as she had amazing results after having breast augmentations - 3 separate times! The first time around she had some issues from another surgeon prior & wanted them to be bigger. She then went with Dr. Corbin to address & her results have been amazing & have remained perfect for over 10 years!

My first augmentation was also performed by a renowned breast specialist 10 years prior but unfortunately, my right breast had started to migrate upwards. became hard & deformed. I experienced discomfort & pain, which was increasingly worsening as the time went. I continued to really avoid addressing it, as i really didn't want to face another surgery, especially a revision - If I were going to take these out, I wanted to pick the implant I truly desired & I had to feel 100% before committing to it. I did my forensic study on what would be suitable, applicable to me for my future because I needed to know for sure this time that I could obtain the result I desired without any remorse. I spent over 2 years in my pursuit of consultations, research, implant & doctor media comparisons. I had to carefully make my decisions so I can avoid any regrets. Like everyone. I have had some things I regretted later & this is one area you should never skimp out on. it's not a cheap procedure - not just monetarily, but remember we pay emotionally & physically too. I consulted with my previous surgeon too but the entire experience was not alike Dr. Corbin & his team.

During first visit with Dr. Corbin, he came into the room wearing scrubs, a headlight on his head with a measuring tape around his neck, (other than gawking at his patient gallery), I knew he'd be the one. He took my dimensions of my BWD (Breast Width Diameter), measured the distance between my nipples & collar bone for symmetry. The information details helped me personally in selecting & choosing the replacement implants.

I probably came into the office x5 before scheduling my surgery. I appreciated that Dr. Corbin & his staff were always so kind & open to me coming back as many times as I wanted. He didn't bill me for consultation appointments, was patient & always answered all of my questions. He went over the implant catalog, discussed dimensions with me & allowed me to test out the sample implants for fittings. He gave me his best, honest opinion & suggestions pertinent to me whether I wanted to hear the advise or not.

So comes surgery & Dr. Corbin mentioned that my old silicone gummy implant was ruptured inside.. no wonder it was capsuled! Our bodies are programmed to heal, gravitate with age or physical influence & possibly morph as the years proceed. We have to be patient, rational & consider personalized modifications applicable. No matter the outcome, we should outweigh the risks do our part before considering each procedure we ever do, we should really carefully choose & entrust the appropriate surgeon to achieve the best result possible.

Dr. Corbin's work speaks for itself. With bragging rights to "Breast Expert" among other talents, he's a reconstructive surgeon (another definite specialty). He sews a good seed In helping victims to cancer or other disadvantages. Not only are his qualifications & resume of experience impressive, compare his procedure media with others. It was evident to me when I did my critique-ing. l just had to go with him. My best advise is - If you're going to go with a procedure, go with a surgeon who specializes in the procedure you desire, with trophies to show for & not solely to emotional persuasion.

His staff (particularly Dee & Alice in my case) are nothing short of wonderful. empathetic & hospitable. Although I wasn't there to make friends, I personally got to know them over many appointments, consultations, it's become friendship connection. They were emotionally supportive & patient towards me even during my most indecisive times. At last but not least, the majority of these ladies have been around to support Dr. Corbin over many years. This experience & environment shouldn't be overlooked you can't sway me by embossed wall paper & pretentious marble - people like them can not be fabricated without good intention and remain actively successful without solid backbones!

I am ultimately so happy with my results, I am overall content, happier & confident and I sincerely wouldn't be, without this team. Thank you all for being there for me! X0