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Testimonial Breast Augmentation:
As a seasoned pageant contestant, model, performer and cosmetologist, I have an enormous amount of experience and knowledge in the beauty industry. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Dr. Corbin by my friend and well known Hollywood photographer, Peter. I was in LA shooting with him and mentioned to him that I was interested in breast enhancement so he referred me to Dr. Corbin.

Dr. Corbin’s many years of experience, professional presentation, photos of his amazing work and friendly Staff was the determining factor for choosing him as my personal cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Corbin and his staff ROCK! I love his work! more from this patient

Testimonial Breast Revision Surgery: Never thought I needed or wanted breast augmentation. A few years back I met the love of my life and he changed my lifestyle. I started working out 5 days a week. I lost 30 lbs, and I also lost my breasts. I went from a full D to a small B. There was extra skin and they were hanging low. When I bent over they looked like upside down water blooms, and they were also uneven. I wanted to look into the mirror, but I told myself I need to do something, I was not happy. See more of this breast augmentation patient

I was referred to Dr. Corbin by a family friend, After meeting Dr. Corbin and hearing the details of breast surgery, I knew that I was in the best hands for surgery and that I had nothing to worry about. I would also especially like to thank MerriAnn, she helped me the most with breast implant sizing and my options for silicone breast implants or saline breast implants. I have Scoliosis so I was a candidate for silicone gel implants. I opted to participate in the gel study. I was extremely apprehensive about silicone implants, but after researching and educating myself on the new gel implants I felt it was not only a better choice for me, but safe as well. I read a lot of information that the doctors office and internet provided on the new silicone breast implants and after consulting with Dr. Corbin as well, I decided to go ahead with silicone implants. more from this patient

Testimonial Breast Revision Surgery: I had been considering breast surgery for a long time, however I was very nervous and unsure about having elective surgery. But after finding Dr. Corbin and his amazing staff, the decision was easy. I am extremely happy with the results of my breast implant surgery. I recommend Dr. Corbin to anyone considering breast implants. His experience shows in the work he performs. more from this patient