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Testimonial Breast Augmentation Surgery:My first breast augmentation was performed almost ten years ago by a physician who retired shortly after my surgery. I was extremely happy with the results of my first surgery and soon felt more sexy and confident than ever before. When anyone asked about my implants, I enthusiastically told them it was one of the most positive experiences I’d ever had. Until now. Being referred to Dr. Corbin was such a blessing. I have three friends up in Sacramento who had gone to Dr. Corbin a few years ago for breast implants and couldn’t stop singing his praises. Recently, I asked one of our mutual friends for Dr. Corbin’s website address. After scanning the endless of pages of information, I was more than ready to make my appointment for a consultation...more  

Testimonial breast implant surgery: I would have never in my life thought that I would ever get breast implants, but I didn’t want to be unhappy for the rest of my life. I have a few friends that do have breast implants and they told me how it not only changed their lives, but how it made them feel more feminine. One of my closest friends had surgery with Dr. Corbin and her chest looks absolutely amazing. After thinking it over and over for a few months and speaking with her about surgery, I decided to go through with it, but only with Dr. Corbin...more

Testimonial Breast Implant Surgery: Dr. Corbin is an excellent doctor and he also has a wonderful staff! I was referred to Dr. Corbin by a friend who also had breast surgery. When I decided to undergo surgery I was hoping for perfection and Dr. Corbin made that dream come true. Dr. Corbin's' staff and nurses are awesome. Everyone always has a smile on their face whenever I walk into the office. Everyone at Dr. Corbin's' office always takes time and care for each individual patient. They make you feel special! I would definitely recommend Dr. Corbin, I could not be happier with my results! Thank you Dr. Corbin and staff. You guys are awesome! ...more

Testimonial Breast Lift Surgery: Breastfeeding three babies for 18 months each was definitely beneficial for the babies, but my breasts were destroyed! I went from a perky B cup to a droopy struggling A cup.

I decided that I deserved to feel good about my body again. After 1 year of research, I chose Dr. Corbin because of his honesty and his impressive credentials. I asked Dr. Corbin to give me breasts that look natural. I just wanted to look like myself again and not a playboy centerfold. Dr. Corbin gave me exactly what I asked for. I am so pleased! I am a perky B cup again and they are not hard and shaped like balloons. My breasts are so natural looking and comfortable I sometimes forget I had the surgery. Dr. Corbin is a magnificent doctor. The whole staff was caring, helpful and friendly. I really appreciate Dee’s patience because I asked a million questions! More from this breast patient