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Testimonial Breast Revision Surgery: Deciding to get a breast augmentation can be very scary for some, but Dr. Corbin puts all of his patients at ease… Even before he says a word, thanks to his colorful sneakers! When he does talk to you about the procedure you’re only further soothed by his confidence.

Highly recommending Dr. Corbin is an understatement. If I could, I would shout how happy I am with my results from the roof tops with a mega-phone… Getting a breast augmentation by Dr. Corbin was certainly the best decision I have made in my life thus far! See more of this breast augmentation patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation: I absolutely love Dr Corbin's work. After my consultation with Dr Corbin I knew that he was the Dr. that I wanted for my surgery. Dr Corbin and his AMAZING staff kept me comfortable throughout the whole process. Everybody was extremely friendly & informative. Even after my surgery they continued to care for my health. The healing process was a breeze & the result is fantastic! I could not have chose a better Dr. for this surgery & would highly recommend him and his team to anyone! more from this patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation: Before My consultation with Dr. Corbin, the idea of getting a breast augmentation seemed unrealistic. Within minutes of discussing my options, I has booked my surgery for the end of the month. I was nervous that I would be unhappy with the results and that my body would be ruined, but I am now 3 months post—surgery and couldn't be happier with my body. Not to mention, the recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I expected... more from this patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation redo Surgery: It was months before my decision to undergo a second surgery for my breast. I know one day I would have to go and get them fixed because I had a case of capsular contraction. That was when a close friend of mine referred me to Dr. Corbin. Of course, I also went to talk to a few other doctors but in the end I chose to go with Dr. Corbin to fix me up. I am so glad I made that decision! He did a wonderful job. His staff is all very professional. I'm happy with the outcome of my breasts. Thank you Dr. Corbin for your great work! . more from this patient