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Testimonial Breast Augmentation Surgery: Four years later and many photo shoots passed, Dr. Corbin has helped change my life! Since I had the procedure , I have had a great modeling career. I also did a television special with MSNBC for Dr. and Mrs. Corbin. The show was called ,”Building a better you.” I can say they definitely helped me build a better career and gave me the confidence to wear really low cut shirts. Hee Hee Hee! See more of this breast augmentation patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation Surgery: Breast Augmentation was something I have always dreamed about since I was a teenager. It's not something I was sure I could take the plunge into and do. I finally built up enough confidence to start doing some research on the Internet. After months and months of burning the midnight oil, clicking through doctor's websites I finally found Dr. Corbin's. Something about his qualifications made me feel comfortable and drew me in. After a few support sessions with my closest friends I decided to give Dr. Corbin's office a visit... more from this patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation: I was referred to Dr. Corbin by a friend of mine from Europe and a modeling agent in Los Angeles. I already had breast implants done by another surgeon, but they were hard and fake looking. I always wanted very natural and soft looking breast implants so I went to Dr. Corbin to redo my breasts.... more from this patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation redo Surgery: TAfter I saw a magazine article about Dr. Corbin, I knew I had to make an appointment. Once he showed me some amazing before and after pictures of other patients, I felt confident he would do a great job with me too! . more from this patient