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Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation: I was drawn to Dr. Corbin and his staff because of their professional presentation, many years of experience and amazing results. I also very much related to and appreciated the acts of selfless service Dr. Corbin and his staff offer to children and people by travelling to foreign countries and giving them reconstructive surgery at no charge. Combine Dr. Corbin, love and compassion and they have a new life! Dr. Frederic Corbin and his staff were extremely efficient, professional and prepared. I felt like the entire time I was in good hands.... read more

Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation: For years I wanted to have something larger than a AA breast size, but I was always scared to make a change.

When I first called Dr. Corbin’s office everyone was super nice. From the first telephone call to my 3rd month follow up appointment Dr. Corbin’s office is always friendly, caring and helpful... read more

Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation:I am not going to say I never thought I would have cosmetic surgery. As a cosmetologist, pageant winner, professional model and performer, I knew I would eventually one day be a candidate for beauty enhancement. I just didn’t know it would be so soon in my career, but when you are young and both you and your career would benefit from cosmetic surgery then, I say…why not?

I have been competing in pageants since I was twelve winning numerous state and national titles. Last year I competed in the Miss SC Teen USA where I received 2nd runner up and most photogenic out of 65 girls competing.

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Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation:I have always known that I wanted a breast augmentation; it was just a matter of when. Although I knew that having larger or smaller breasts should never affect who I was as a person, I also knew that I would be much more confident if I got the breast surgery…especially on nights out!

Breast augmentation surgery was always a far fetched pipe dream until recently, when I asked myself why was I waiting. I thoroughly researched other board certified plastic surgeons before I decided on The breast expert, Dr. Corbin. ... read more