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Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation: I got breast implants because I was not confident with my appearance; I had low self esteem because I was only a 34 A and I was never able to wear the cute tops I wanted. I had thought about breast implants forever. I heard so many great things about Dr. Corbin so I booked an appointment to learn more about the surgery... read more

Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation: I heard about Dr. Corbin through other patients of his. I also saw his work on the breast expert website and I was very impressed. I am very picky about the way my body looks so I only wanted to go to the best plastic surgeon for my breast surgery. I love setting goals for myself and my breast implant surgery was one of my goals. I have always wanted to improve the appearance and size of my breasts. I had one breast surgery and I loved the way they looked, but in the back of my mind I wanted bigger breast implants. Now after my second boob surgery I am happy with the size of my breast implants. Dr. Corbin went in through the same small scar under my arm. Not too many surgeons can do this! I definitely did not want to have any scars on my breasts at all! Thanks to Dr. Corbin I have no visible scars... read more

Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation: I was referred to Dr. Corbin by my mom, who did a lot of research on breast augmentation before she chose Dr. Corbin. After seeing her results I knew I would only have my breast surgery at the same place!

When I first was interested in breast implants I went to a consultation with my sister and the other doctor we went to made me feel very uncomfortable. It was my sister’s consultation and I felt uncomfortable. Basically without actually saying it this doctor told my sister she was deformed because she had small breasts. Dr. Corbin and his staff were not like this. Everybody is so helpful, informative and warm. I felt totally comfortable with Dr. Corbin because he is very straight forward and professional. I knew if I was going to let a plastic surgeon perform surgery on me I would have to feel comfortable with him and totally trust him... more from this patient

Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation:For years I had been very self conscious of the appearance and size of my breasts. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin! No matter how sexy Victoria Secrets bras looked on me it was just not the same once I took the bra off. I was not even comfortable with my boyfriend looking at me topless and for me that was embarrassing!

I realized I had to do something to change the appearance of my breasts instead of feeling sorry for myself over and over again. So my boyfriend and I started asking around and researching plastic surgeons all over California. We came across Dr. Corbin’s’ website and I was amazed at how beautiful his work is... read more