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Testimonial Breast Augmentation Surgery: Through out high school, I was insecure about two things, my small breasts and the big bump on my nose. Although my family and friends told me, “you look beautiful the way you are” Or “it's not really noticeable” I still felt self conscious about my appearance .. See more of this breast augmentation patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation Surgery: I have always been insecure about my chest size. It has impacted my confidence throughout my life. I always felt that no matter how hard I worked out or if I had the right clothes or makeup, something was always missing.

With the help of Dr. Corbin and his amazing staff I can now honestly say that I feel the most beautiful I have ever felt... more from this patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation: I've known that I have wanted my boobs done for a couple years. Both my mom and aunt had their breast augmentations done through Dr. Corbin. My mom and aunt have amazing and natural looking results after breast surgery.

I went on other consultations just to learn as much as I could before surgery and to choose the best plastic surgeon for me. No other surgeon left an impression like the way Dr. Corbin and his work did... more from this patient

Testimonial breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills: I realized in High School I would never have the curves I wanted. I knew then that I would eventually have a breast augmentation.

With the support of my family I began to research everything about breast augmentation, and I began to save up for the procedure. I went to a few different plastic surgeons before finding Dr. Corbin. I didn't feel comfortable with any of them, they either pressured me to go bigger than I wanted of they didn't seem to know what was best for my body type.

Finally, I came across Dr. Corbin's website, as I looked through the pictures I was amazed at how great all the women looked after their surgeries. I called for an appointment right then... more from this patient