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Testimonial Breast Augmentation Surgery: I had thought about having this surgery for a few years, but I could never bring myself to do it. I met with several doctors in the past who left me feeling unsure, and uncomfortable. When I heard about Dr. Corbin, his reputation proceeded him!

I went in not knowing what to expcet, but after speaking with him I had no more doubts about what I wanted to do. He was very thorough in explaining the procedure and everything else that went along with it. I found his straight forwardness and honesty to be refreshing! . ... See more of this breast augmentation patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation Surgery: ou know, sometimes I still can’t believe it. I have to remind myself that it’s not something I’m thinking about doing---it’s actually done. Things have gone so well that it’s almost like my body has been this way all along. I couldn’t have imagined a better result.

I was pretty anxious when I first started my research. I wanted to know everything and talk to everyone. I lined up a bunch of consultations, talked to people who had gone through the procedure and read everything I could find online. Before my consultation with Dr. Corbin, I had already seen two other doctors but hadn’t gotten the feeling I was looking for. When I met Dr. Corbin and Dee, my anxiety just disappeared. I knew I had found my doctor and that everything was going to be great. I even cancelled the other consultations I had scheduled.. more from this patient

Testimonial Breast Augmentation: I'd have to say that going through my breast augmentation with Dr. Corbin was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Over the years I found myself becoming more and more insecure and very jealous of other girls with big breasts. Most of my teen years were spent wishing I could enhance my body in some way. I spent about one year researching breast enlargement procedures.

One day I came across Dr. Corbin on the Internet. He seemed too good to be true. He had years of experience, the photos of his work were perfect and the patient testimonials were very positive. I was very impressed! When I turned 18 I went in for a consultation. Let me tell you I had a blast! ... more from this patient

Testimonial breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills: I was referred to Dr. Corbin through a girlfriend of mine who is also a happy patient of his. When I saw Dr. Corbin's work on my girlfriend I was so impressed! Her breasts looked so natural and beautiful! At the time I wasn't looking into breast augmentation surgery.

A few years later, I wanted breasts implants and I knew that I wanted to go to Dr. Corbin for my surgery. I called my girlfriend and she gave me Dr. Corbin's number. I was really nervous since I 've never had surgery before.. more from this patient