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Is Your Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

Not all Bra's are created equal

Don't get hung up on bra cup size when choosing your breast implant size. The thing to focus on is your body proportions and your overall body image. I have 375 CC Mentor silicone breast implants. I wanted to be a C cup, and I was completely shocked when I went to Victoria's Secret and fit into a 36D and some DD bras! What is interesting is that for the most part I am a C Cup, but as I have learned there are Bra's out there are definitely the exception in cup size.

Now that I have had these breast implants for almost a year I can tell anyone obsessed with obtaining a certain cup size with Breast implants that not all bra's are created equal.

To give you an example of what I mean, I went bra shopping for my perfect C cup breasts. I shopped at Target, Victoria's Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood, Playmates and La Perla. I tried on many different styles and sizes of bra's and I was very surprised at the difference in sizing between the various bra manufactures. A C cup with one brand was not a C cup with another!

From my personal experience I found the beautiful lacey bra's at Victoria Secret to be sized smaller than Frederiks of Hollywood. At Victoria's secret I could fit comfortably into a 36 D and in some bras even a 34DD. At Fredericks of Hollywood the bra's I fit best were the 34 to 36 C cups and the occasional D. At Target, and in brands like maidenform I was a comfortable 34 C cup. Maidenform was more generous in their cup size. At Playmates lingerie store in Hollywood, I fit a C cup or D. The La Perla lingerie line also varied in cup size depending on the style of Bra. In a Black lace underwire bra my 375 cc breasts fit into a 36 C or in euro sizing 80 C. and in the La Perla white lace bra with a thinly formed cup I fit a size or euro 85 D.

Shopping for the perfect size bra is not a science, but more of an art! I finally decided after many confusing bra fittings that I was just going to try the different bras on and go with what fit instead of believing that I only wanted to fit into a C cup bra.

I now realize that for me the most important thing about selecting the 375 cc breast implants is that they fit my body. I am proportionate. I am not always the perfect C cup, but I am the perfect size for me. I wanted to share my experience with other women who are obsessing over bra cup size. Let it go and find the right breast implant fit for you no matter what bra size you will be in the end. You have no control over how the bra manufactures size their products, but you do have some control over choosing a breast implant size that looks great on you!

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