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Going Bigger

Breast Implant Replacement

One of the most common responses after patients get used to their breast implant size is, "I wish I would have gone bigger." Often, women opt for additional plastic surgery to increase their breast implant size.

One such patient is Alanah. During her first breast augmentation Alanah was conservative in selecting her breast implants. She had a perfect result the only thing she wished for was a larger cup size.

After a couple of years and a lot of thinking Alanah decided to go back to Dr.Corbin to exchange her small breast implants with larger ones. A decision she is totally happy with.

Alanah wants more!

A patient's perspective

"I was a patient of Dr. Corbin's in January of 2006. He performed an auxiliary breast augmentation on me that I was very happy with. You could not see any scars and the breasts were beautiful.

A couple years after my first breast implant surgery I decided I wanted my breasts larger. So without hesitation I called Dr. Corbin again. Dr. Corbin used my old incisions under my arms to put bigger breast implants in. It is amazing! I have no scars on my breasts!"



Dr. Frederic Corbin's patient Alanah

breast augmentations
bigger breasts
375 cc high profile
Auxillary approach
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600 cc High profile
Auxiliary approach
surgeon:Dr. Corbin

No New Scars

Using the old incision sites to place the larger breast implants through is generally the way Dr. Corbin likes to perform breast implant exchange surgery. It can be difficult putting a larger silicone breast implant in through a tiny incision hidden in the armpit, but Dr. Corbin has perfected his technique.

Dr. Frederic Corbin is an artist of Plastic surgery carefully creating beautiful breast surgery results using a minimal amount of scarring.

When considering going with larger breasts implants be careful to ask about additional scarring. Some surgeons may add more scars on the breasts that can detract from the aesthetic beauty of the breasts.

Generally, breast revision surgery with Dr. Corbin using bigger breast implants will enable you to have larger breasts using your old scars. If you have your incisions under your arms, through your belly button, around your areola's or under the breasts this is the place your larger breast implants most likely will be placed through to avoid more scars.

TUBA restrictions with Silicone implants

The one breast surgery approach that has some restrictions is through the belly button. A large size silicone gel breast implant can't be placed using the TUBA (Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation). Patients who opt for the TUBA breast augmentation can go larger using bigger saline breast implants.

Once again because this is a difficult surgery some plastic surgeons may make more scars on the breasts to increase the implant size. Make sure you are informed before your surgery where your scars will be.

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Selecting bigger breast implants

Knowing how much bigger to go involves a bit of guessing, research and expertise. There is no exact science to get you to the perfect breast implant size, but there are some things that may help you decide. Using photos of other patients may help you and the surgeon narrow down implant sizes, but often the same size breast implants will look different of individual patients.

You can purchase a bra that you would like to fill and take it with you to Dr. Corbin's office to try implant sizers on. This will help you to see the volume increase, but not necessarily the overall final outcome.

Since your body image is a personal opinion, only you can truly decide what size breast implants will make you happy. As a general rule most patients want their breasts to be in proportion with their hips. Other patients seeking larger breast implants want to increase their curves up top. Whatever your ideal body image carefully consider your larger implants and your new look.

"Once I met Dr. Corbin and his staff I had no doubts about plastic surgery. I had total confidence in his 20 years experience and expertise. I trusted Dr. Corbin to perform my first surgery and the second surgery and any surgeries I will have in the future."


To see if you are a candidate for breast implant exchange book your complimentary cosmetic consultation Click here

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