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A New Year….A New You
What’s hot in Plastic Surgery for 2004

January 2004

The past year has been a wonderful year in the field of plastic surgery. Thanks to the media bringing plastic surgery to mainstream television it has sparked more interest in plastic surgery procedures. The focus of many of these new programs is about average individuals having cosmetic surgery. For years the media has featured, celebrities, models and high profile individuals who have enjoyed the benefits of plastic surgery’s beauty maintenance. The popular trend in plastic surgery patients is the average public.

The trend in surgery for 2004 is not about extremes. The current look of plastic surgery is softer and more natural appearing. The latest look is not about resembling a celebrity, a model or someone else. The look in plastic surgery 2004 is about enhancing the individual patient’s best features and beauty.

Breast implants are smaller more natural looking and feeling and more proportionate to the patients body. The look for breast implants is to enhance and flatter the individuals shape and not to dominate it. Gone is the fake, hard, overdone look for breast implants. In is soft, natural and feminine breast shapes for 2004.

Lip enhancements are not the huge exaggerated look of the past. The new look for lips is shaply, smooth and soft. The amount of fullness varies depending on the rest of the patients features. Facial balance and harmony is key when making any changes to facial features. Fortunately for patients Restylane has been approved by the FDA. This filer lasts longer than the fillers of the past allowing the patients extended benefits as well as the ability to experiment with the amount they would like to use. Dr. Corbin recommends starting with a small amount and gradually increasing the size until a smooth pretty look is achieved.

Nasal surgery is also about natural flattering shapes, sizes and lines. The look is not the overdone, too narrow, too pointed, too upturned, too pinched, too small nose. When choosing a nose that flatters patients facial features Dr. Corbin listens to the patient’s desires, he evaluates their skin for thickness and fat as well as performs a nasal exam. He takes measurements so that the nose will be in balance with the rest of the face. To educate the patient, Dr. Corbin shows the patient their before image as well as digitally enhanced images. As he explains what is surgically possible the patients is educated on the anatomy of the nose as well as what changes they would benefit from internally and externally. Seeing the computer image really helps the patient explain their aesthetic goals for surgery to Dr. Corbin as well as educates them on what is realistic. Education helps relieve some of a patient’s anxiety regarding surgery.

Facelifts can be modified from a full facelift to a mid face lift depending on what the patients surgery goals are. With the use of modern surgical equipment like endoscopes the incisions are smaller and the healing time is quicker. Gone is the windblown look where only the skin is pulled so tight the facelift is obvious. The skin lift alone is out and the repositioning of the sagging underlying skin and fat to a more youthful position is in. The big scars in front of the hairline and ears are out. The current look of facelifts is smaller less conspicuous scars in the hairline and inside the inner aspect of the ear. More natural facial contour and minimal scarring is in fashion for the future of facelifts.

More natural plastic surgery results, educated patients, smaller incisions, experienced plastic surgeons and secure patients who are happy with them selves and their lives are what are hot in plastic surgery for 2004.

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