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2002 Fall Newsletter

Beauty Newsletter

New Breast Reduction Surgery Attracts Younger Patients

Thousands of women suffer from head aches and neck and shoulder pain due to large heavy breasts. Many of these women developed breasts at young age, but due to all the scarring associated with breast reduction surgery in the past they were reluctant to have surgery. Faced with the options of having large breasts or a lifetime of large scars on their breasts a lot of young women decided to suffer with large breasts.

In addition to the pain of carrying around large pendulous breasts some women feel self conscious about their appearance. Other problems linked to extra large breasts are, clothing does not fit properly, or the breasts get in the way of participating in sports or recreational activities.

Traditionally, breasts reductions were performed using an anchor scar. This old surgery pattern leaves scars around the nipple areolas, vertically down the breasts and in the breasts creases. The scars in the breast creases are very long and are sometimes impossible to conceal in bathing suits, low cut tops, dresses and lingerie.

According to recent statistics from ASPS, American Society of Plastic Surgery,
Breast reductions surgery was performed on 97,637 women by board certified plastic surgeons in 2001. This is a 146 percent increase from 1992 when 39,639 procedures were performed.

There is good news for large breasted women! Today, surgery options are much better, leaving the patients' with less scarring, firmer breasts and a quicker recovery period. With a new surgery technique called the Spair, Dr Corbin can dramatically reduce the size of the patient's breasts, firm them and improve the shape. Because of the minimal scarring that is just around the areolas and a short scar vertically, younger patients are coming in for breast reduction surgery.

Women as young as sixteen can be negatively affected by extra large breasts. Breast reduction surgery can dramatically improve the quality of women's lives leaving the patient feeling more confident. Here is what a 19 year old breast reduction patient wrote about her experience. "My shoulders and back were always aching .This was one of the biggest decisions I've had to make in my life, and I'm so glad I went through with the Spair surgery. Today, I feel so good about myself and I owe it all to Dr. Corbin and staff. His work is EXQUISITE!

There is no need for young women to suffer with heavy pendulous breasts. Younger women are now opting for smaller breasts with minimal scarring. Breast reduction surgery continues to increase in popularity because it improves the quality of the patient's lives. Younger patient's are no longer afraid of breast reduction surgery due to all the scarring. Thanks to the latest surgery techniques the spair breast reduction surgery is changing the lives of thousands of women.

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