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Summer 2003

Men and Women around the world are always looking for new ways to maintain and improve their youthful appearances.

Today many are turning to plastic surgeons for minimally evasive beauty maintenance.

One of the obvious signs of aging is facial wrinkles. Some of the ways to fill in facial lines is with fillers like Collagen, fat or Radiance.

According to a special makeover issue in Januarys’ Allure Magazine, the newest line filler is Radiance. The article describes it as an injectable substance that, “plumps lips and fills wrinkles for as long as 5 years.” Radiance is a creamy synthetic form of calcium hydroxyapatite. The product is getting the attention of Vogue, CBS and KCAL news. Beauty enthusiast like the idea of filler that lasts longer than 3 months.

With patient consent Dr. Corbin can inject it into wrinkles and other areas needing plumping up. Unlike some other products on the market, radiance requires no allergy test. According to Allure Magazine, “some doctors believe this is the best filler on the market.”

For years Dr. Corbins’ patients have been successfully turning back the hands of time with Collagen injections in their facial lines as well as lips. This temporary filler is from purified Bovine collagen and requires an allergy test one month prior to being injected with the product. Generally this product lasts from two to four months.

Another filler option is fat. Dr. Corbin can harvest a patients’ own fat from another part of their body and inject it into lines and other areas of the face that need rejuvenating. Sometimes not all the fat survives and the result is temporary. The good news about free fat injections is that a patient will not reject their own fat so it does not require an allergy test.

With all the options for facial line fillers patients can take advantage of minimally evasive beauty updates. These quick and easy procedures require no down time and are less expensive than surgery.

To book your treatment calls Dee at, Brea (714) 671-3033 or Beverly Hills (310) 284-8384. A more youthful looking you is just a phone call away!!!

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