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August 2003

Patient of Courage looses over 150 lbs!

Jacqueline M is a patient of courage. A Stanford Graduate with a degree in Psychology, Jackie struggled with her weight for years. At the height of her morbid obesity she stood 5'4 and weighed over 300 lbs.

Jackie worked as the Vice President of Product development in the successful high fashion world of women's clothing design. Jackie was given a $50,000.00 a year clothing allowance. Every woman's dream wardrobe was at her fingertips; her only problem was her weight. Jackie could never fit the clothes she helped design and develop.

Depressed, but optimistic she set out on a mission to loss weight. Diet and exercise was not enough so she had a form of gastroplasty surgery performed. (Biliary pancreatic diversion) Months after her surgery Jackie successfully lost over 150 lbs. At 5'4 she completely transformed her body with surgery, exercise and a healthy diet. Pleased with her new weight Jackie was not prepared for the excess loose skin that now hung from her entire body. Throughout her weight loss she was counseled emotionally, but never educated on how she may look after a huge weight loss.

With recommendations from ASPS, Jackie researched and consulted surgeons across the US for a board certified surgeon to perform the next step in her quest for a new body shape. She consulted with several surgeons before coming to Dr. Corbin in California. After meeting with Dr.Frederic Corbin, Jackie knew she found her surgeon.

Dr. Corbin performed a truncal lift removing over 22 cm in vertical height from each lateral thigh and over 8 lbs of excess hanging skin from her outer thighs. Gone is the grotesque appearance of her lateral thighs and now they are transformed into smooth tight skin hugging the contour of her curvaceous thighs.

before after

In order to help educate others who are transforming their lives through major weight loss she agreed to have her surgery filmed and documented by The Discovery Channel. Jackies' surgery will air on September 29,2003 at 9:00 P.M.

In addition to her televised surgery, Jackie now also counsels other patients on the weight loss surgery she had. Often she lectures to over 100 people at once.

This surgery is the first of many to come. Jackie is also going to have a brachioplasty, mastopexy and medial thigh lift. The Discovery channel and Dr. Corbin will be with her every step of the way. Changing her appearance and quality of life she takes pride in educating other people on major weight loss and the after affects it has on a body. She is a patient of courage who exemplifies how determination, hard work and surgery can improve health, happiness and appearance.

"Losing over 150 lbs and having reconstructive surgery to contour my body has given me my life back."

Jackie M.

Call Dee to arrange your consultation; Beverly Hills (310) 284-8384 or Brea (714) 671-3033.

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