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October 2003

Our skin protects us and is our first defense against the environment. It is also a reflection of our health, age and the way we have treated our skin over our lifetime. The nature of our skin is what gives us an aged and tired appearance, or the look of youth and vitality.

In facial rejuvenation the skin plays the most important role. Just as wrinkles and sagging skin can make us appear aged, healthy and vibrant skin can give us a younger, healthier look. Although aging affects every part of our body, it is most noticeable in our skin.

Daily skin care combined with a well-balanced diet, plenty of rest, abstinence from smoking, and protection from UV rays are keys to maintaining healthy skin.

UV rays cause the most damage to our skin. They damage the elastin fibers of the skin, losing the resiliency. Also, our immune response decreases in the skin and the whole body.

The natural aging process with environmental factors such as UV rays, smoking and alcohol give skin an aged and “tired” look to it. Proper skin care treatments, such as the Micropeel and the Blue Peel, can help restore some of the skin’s natural vibrancy and reduce wrinkles. Thin and fragile skin can be made thicker and more resilient, while tough, thick skin can be come smoother and softer.

New research into health and aging has led to findings that can improve the quality and appearance of the skin. There are new ingredients in skin care products and non-surgical procedures available that can help turn back the clock.

Actual skincare and Botox Treatment Patient

The following is a list of five helpful steps to skin rejuvenation.

Cleansing is important to remove environmental dirt and excess oils from the face. Harsh soaps can strip away the moisturizing elements of the skin. Facial cleansers are available that can remove the unwanted surface dirt without damaging the skin. Try Biomedic’s Purifying Cleanser.

Correction can be achieved
by using hydroquinone in combination with alpha/beta hydroxyl acids. Glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid help shed dry, damaged cells and unclog pores. Conditioning Gel, Phospholipid Lotion and Gel are wonderful products to use for correction. Also, we carry prescription strength hydroquinone.

Stimulation is produced by applying Retin-A or retinol creams to the skin. There is an improvement in skin circulation, which improves all skin functions. The benefits are smoother, healthier looking skin. We carry retinol creams in three strengths.

Sunscreens should be used daily, even on cloudy days and reapply every 2 hours. Micronnized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the best for protection. Try Biomedic’s SPF 20 or our Z-Silk with an SPF 30.

Maintenance must be done on a daily basis
. Just as we brush our teeth and comb our hair, we need to set some time aside for our skin. Proper use of moisturizers and cleansers are important elements of daily skin care maintenance.

The Pumpkin Peel

This is a powerful anti-oxidant treatment. It has built-in fruit acids and contains vitamin A for activating cell turnover. Toning the face with pumpkin introduces into the skin a cornucopia of tonic wonders.

This is a five step process that is appropriate for most skin types. The skin will be flushed, hydrated and glowing. What could be a better treatment after a long, hot, humid summer! Call the office for more information or the make an appointment.


Puffy eyes – Moisten green tea bags with water and chill them in the refrigerator. Lie down with chilled tea bags over your eyes. Green tea will reduce the puffiness and reduce the redness.

Dull skin – Mix brown sugar with warm milk and let the mixture cool. Gently massage the mixture into skin. Rinse and pat dry. This is a great way to exfoliate the skin and give it a nice glow

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