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November 2003

Many patients considering elective surgery are not only asking questions about the surgeon's background but, they want to know about the anesthesia. One of the most important aspects on having a safe surgery is having a qualified anesthesiologist.

To provide the best patient safety Dr. Corbin prefers to use Medical Doctors to administer anesthesia to his patients. Some surgeons use Nurse Anesthetists. Dr. Corbin's reasons for using M.D.s to put his patients to sleep or provide sedation for surgery is simple: they have more training.

Some patients have a fear of being put under. Some patients fear the loss of control, others worry about not waking up and some worry about being nauseated from the anesthesia. Whatever fears or concerns patients have it is important to communicate with the surgeon as well as the anesthesiologists. Patients can be given medication to relax a very nervous patient before during and after surgery. There are also medications that can be given to help prevent nausea and vomiting. These medications can be given intraoperatively or following surgery in the form of a suppository.

The three most commonly used anesthesia groups are: General Anesthetic, Local Anesthetic, or Sedation with Local Anesthetic (MAC).

With a general anesthetic the patient is completely asleep. The anesthesiologists usually controls the patients breathing through a small tube placed in the airway. Monitoring equipment is used to monitor the patient's vital signs.

Local anesthesia is administered by injecting lydocaine into the surgery area. It numbs the area and affects the nerves so no pain is felt. This type of anesthesia is usually used for minor procedures.

Sedation with Local
The surgery site is injected with the "Local" so the patient will not feel pain and the sedation relaxes the patients and places them in an altered state so they are awake, but not affected by the pain or surgery.

With modern technology, new drugs, improved anesthesia equipment and specialist anesthesiologists who undergo many years of schooling and training anesthesia is a safe and comfortable way to have surgery.

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