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My story of 2 breast revision surgeries

Paying dearly for a cheap breast augmentation

Starting at around age 15 when all my friends were developing breasts and my shape wasn’t blossoming is the first time I thought about breast implants. My teen years were traumatic, because not only was I very skinny I had no shape. I was as they would say, “Flat as a board” In my opinion, having no boobs wasn’t a flattering look for me.

In fact, I was teased and taunted by the saying, “You must be a member of the itty bitty titty committee.” I was fairly athletic so I tried to be optimistic about being flat chested. I would tell myself that breasts would just get in the way when I was running, doing hurdles, or track and field events.

Eventually, I started getting the attention of boys, but I was never as popular as some of my other friends who had well developed boobies. After High school I was able to work more and I started earning money. I read in a magazine that they were putting breast implants in through the nipple and also through the arm pit. I also read that the cost was around $4500.00. Back then that seemed like such a lot of money!

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Dearest Dr. Corbin and staff;

My prior experiences of cosmetic surgery with my other surgeon have been nothing short of a nightmare.

However when you performed my reconstructive surgery it was the most positive and professional experience I have yet to encounter.

Your staff is friendly, helpful, informative and supportive during every aspect of the procedure.

Especially the timely manner in which you responded to all my post operative needs and speaking with you personally Dr. Corbin about my concerns relieved my anxiety and was very much appreciated.

It was a blessing to have your expertise always available at such short notice. Whenever I needed reassurance you were there. Your gifted hands and detail oriented vision astound me. Dr. Corbin, you are the most amazing plastic surgeon I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I find myself in awe of your compassion, professionalism, love and devotion to your medical field.

You and the reconstructive surgery you performed on me restored my life and faith.
If you can believe it I am speechless…for there will never be enough kind words to express my sincere gratitude for all you have done for me.

I firmly believe the eyes are the window to the soul and as I gaze into your eyes I see wisdom and respect for your fellow man that only comes from the lord. I knew then that I was safely in his care as you performed your craft.

May the lord continue to bless you and your staff.
Doctor Corbin you are beyond wonderful!!!

Respectfully Yours,

Hilda M.

My experience with Dr. Corbin and his staff have been wonderful. I first found Dr. Corbin on the internet with many other Plastic Surgeons. After reading about him, his credentials and the thousands of procedures he has done, I knew he was the right surgeon to perform my tram flap procedure. I was very scared after having breast cancer and looking deformed.

Dr. Corbin’s staff was very helpful in getting me a consultation with him. I first met with Dr. Corbin in September of 2005, my first impression was, “WOW” this surgeon really knows his stuff! He took his time and answered any questions my daughter and I had. He explained in full details how he would perform my reconstructive breast surgery.

When I left his office I felt in my heart I made the right decision for a plastic surgeon. His compassion, experience and detail gave me hope.

I scheduled with Dr. Corbin for my tram flap delay on November, 2005. My surgery went very well. I stayed one night at the hospital, which Dr. Corbin seen me twice. Then on December 1st, 2005 I had my big surgery, the tram flap. I was so nervous, but Dr. Corbin made me feel better the more he calmly talked to me and explained my surgery to me.

After my tram flap, I spent 5 days in the hospital which I must admit was the most discomfort I’ve ever been in. Daily Dr. Corbin checked on me and made sure I was comfortable. He is such a busy surgeon and it made me feel good to know that he cared about me as one of his patients.

Since my reconstructive breast surgery a few years ago, I have got my confidence back and I am starting to feel like a whole woman again. Without Dr. Corbin, none of this would be possible. I thank him daily for making me beautiful, feminine and for giving me back what I once lost from Cancer. I believe in Dr. Corbin with my heart and soul! 

I had been thinking of getting a breast augmentation for a very long time, but never acted upon the thoughts. It took me three years to get up the courage of making a decision to proceed with my dream. I had visited quite a number of plastic surgeons, but I was never quite convinced that the doctor was right for me. I wanted to be as confident as possible with the surgeon who I was going to trust to perform breast surgery on me. All these feeling of nervousness and apprehension changed when I walked into Dr. F Corbin's practice.

Dr. Corbin and his staff made me feel welcome, at home and more importantly at ease. They were patient with me and always there to answer any and all of my questions. I trust Dr. Corbin and his staff as they are experienced, caring and they know what they are doing.

After all my years of research I wouldn't have picked any other doctor to perform my breast enhancement surgery. Dr. Corbin is the BEST!

Thank you for everything. I thank you for making me look even more beautiful. I feel fabulous!

Thank you Dr. Corbin, Mary-Ann and Marilyn. You changed my life!

First of all I never thought I would ever have any plastic surgery ever! But boy am I glad I did! Dr. Frederic Corbin’s office was and is the best! From day one the staff, front office and back office were outstanding. They were there for me every step of the way.

They answered the whys, ways and everything in between was answered and even when I had a question that I already asked they replied with a patient smile and answered me again.

The day of my surgery went so smoothly and without any uncomfortable situations. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Payne was also great talking with me before he put me to sleep for surgery. I was so relaxed and the next thing I knew I was walking up in the recovery room and my surgery was over. Amazing.

Dr. Corbin and his nurses are an asset to the medical profession. When I woke up in recovery, the nurses and his staff reassured me and made my day by telling me how beautiful I looked and how well my surgery went. They told me I looked great and they didn’t lie!

 I would do plastic surgery over again a thousand times and would only have Dr. Corbin as my surgeon. I am very lucky that my plastic surgery was elective.  If I have the money in the future I want to have other surgery. If I ever move out of state I’d still come back to Dr. Corbin.

I respect Dr. Corbin so much. He loves his profession and his patients. I asked him why he chose to be a plastic surgeon and he said, “Because I can help people and also be creative” For me that says everything He really cares that his patients are happy, safe and look good. So I guess this is why Dr. Corbin is,”The Very Best”

Thank you Dr. Corbin and staff, you guys rock!




Please read this if you are thinking about plastic surgery. I had a very unsuccessful past with plastic surgeons and breast augmentation. My name is Rebecca and I live in Florida. I found Dr. Corbin by sure luck and I like to think destiny. I found out about him when I looked under America's top surgeons on the computer one night. I was very frustrated with my situation, and the doctors here in Florida. Two years of searching and nobody seemed to have any answers for me. I couldn't get the right help. After seeing so many doctors and getting nowhere, I knew I had to do something. I needed help and I needed the best, so I called Dr. Corbin's office and got the ball rolling.

I have family in California so this looked like a possibility. I would see them and go meet Dr. Corbin. Off to California and to meet Dr. Corbin we went. The news was I needed more than one surgery. I had to go for a period of time with no implants in at all. Dr. Corbin never sugar coated anything to me he was upright and honest about everything. I was not used to this from other Dr.'s and Dr.'s offices. Dr. Corbin and his staff were always facts and honesty.

This was so refreshing compared to the numerous other doctor's with a super smooth sales pitch whom often told me what I wanted to hear but wasn't necessarily the truth. I thanked God for their honesty. The last thing I needed at this stage of the game was to have my hopes built up with a dreadful let down again.

From there I proceeded to surgery number one – May 2004. Out came the implants. Surgery was perfect. Marilyn, Melody and “Dr. Anesthesiologist – forgot his name” were amazing! What a great experience, it was comforting and professional. I was really looking forward to coming back I knew they were going to help me. Please keep in mind that having implants in and then out for sometime is a pretty traumatic thing, let alone two previous years of unsuccessful surgeries. I was scared and very impatient. The image and hope of the final result really kept me going, it was not an easy time. I called the office often and Dee always calmed me down and reassured me.

Surgery number two now came. There is a little bit more to my story, of Dr. Corbin and me. I had wires left in my body from a pacemaker I had taken out sometime ago. With the second surgery I asked Dr. Corbin if he could take away some of the scar tissue that built up around these wires which always caused me pain. I also added a rhinoplasty on to my agenda. I wanted it all done at once, no more surgery for me. Surgery came August 2004. Dr. Corbin did the nose, it was great, the scar tissue around the wires caused concern to Dr. Corbin so he cultured it (took a sample so it could be tested for the bacteria) he did not proceed with the breast augmentation because of his suspicions with the scar tissue.

Three days later I was in the hospital with a fever of 102.9. I had a very rare and very bad infection, 2 gram negative bacteria to be precise. This infection was living dormant in the scar tissue of the pacemaker wires and from the surgery it started to travel through me. To make a long story a little shorter I ended up very seriously sick in the hospital. I had to have the pacemaker wires removed from my heart because on them lived the bacteria's that made me so ill. They traveled straight to my heart and throughout the rest of my body. Now if Dr. Corbin did not take the culture during the 2nd operation this would never have discovered! If he would have proceeded with the augmentation the implants would have become infected and I would have had to have them removed again. I would have eventually gotten very, very sick. By Dr. Corbin being the experienced and skilled Dr./surgeon that he is and because of his intuition and conservativeness he found out what was really wrong with me. Also, I most likely would have gotten an infection in my heart that probably would have caused irreversible damage and I easily could have died from it. During all of this Dr. Corbin was there for me. He was not only there for me, so was his wife. Corinne came and visited with me and sat with me when I was so sick. Things like that are priceless and will live with me forever. Dr. Corbin, his wife, and staff are the most caring, gifted people I have yet to see in health care. They are the definition of outstanding. They are not only my Dr.'s office they are family and my inspiration. They never gave up on me. Not many people can say that their plastic surgeon saved their life but Dr. Corbin saved mine. By the way I had my last surgery May 2005 and it went beautiful. I have better breasts then I could have ever dreamed of. Every day they become more beautiful. They are worth it all. He is a master artist in his surgical skill. I really believe Dr. Corbin and his staff are magic. By the way the nose is unbelievable too. I went through so much, it's really hard to express it all but what I want people to get through this is that if you are going to trust your life and your body to someone, go to the BEST FROM THE START, GO TO DR. CORBIN! He is someone who won't give up and truly cares. I want to make a special mention about Dee and Corinne. Dee is irreplaceable, she is one amazing, hard working beautiful woman. Not only is she beautiful in looks but in the heart too. Corinne words' can't tell you how grateful I am to you and how I admire your selfless acts of kindness, endless patience and time that you give to us patients who take up so much of you and your husband's time. One last thanks to Dr. Corbin, you are the ABSOLUTE BEST, thanks for doing what you do and for being you!

Forever grateful,


I heard about Dr. Corbin through other patients of his. I also saw his work on the breast expert website and I was very impressed. I am very picky about the way my body looks so I only wanted to go to the best plastic surgeon for my breast surgery. I love setting goals for myself and my breast implant surgery was one of my goals. I have always wanted to improve the appearance and size of my breasts. I had one breast surgery and I loved the way they looked, but in the back of my mind I wanted bigger breast implants. Now after my second boob surgery I am happy with the size of my breast implants. Dr. Corbin went in through the same small scar under my arm. Not too many surgeons can do this! I definitely did not want to have any scars on my breasts at all! Thanks to Dr. Corbin I have no visible scars.

When I first told the staff and Dr. Corbin that I wanted to go bigger they thought I looked great the size I was, but after a few appointments and many questions Dr. Corbin agreed to do what would make me happy! Like I said before, I love setting goals and I really enjoy the results after I have achieved them. Dr. Corbin made me feel like I accomplished my perfect physical appearance. I now get a lot of attention and compliments and I'd like to say a big thank you Dr. Corbin for taking a chance and performing a difficult breast surgery and making my wishes come true.

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Massive weight loss patient's testimonial

Body Tayloring: Plastic surgery after weight loss

About Me

I am a 38 year old woman. I own my own business as a computer consultant working for small boutique hotels. I'm no supermodel in looks, I have always been the attractive side of average. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, but it really got out of hand due to a rare disease I have and I ballooned up to a whopping 365 lbs at my heaviest. After having a gastric bypass and dieting for 4 years,I have now lost 210 lbs and this is where my journey began...Click here to read more


My Name is Toni A., I've always thought about having breast augmentation surgery. Ever since High School it was all I could think about. Years later I was referred to Dr. Corbin by another physician I worked for. At my consultation, right away I felt comfortable with Dr. Corbin and his staff. Everyone helped educate me in what type of breast surgery was best for me. I choose to have my breast implants put in through the axillary, which is hidden in the armpit. My scars are completely healed and you can not see them at all. They are invisible!!

After the breast augmentation surgery my healing process was phenomenal! Words cannot explain how easy this was for me to do. I am just very thankful for the work and expertise of Dr. Corbin. I sent my best friend to him and she also had an amazing experience and looks great! Another reason I considered Dr. Corbin to do my breasts is because of the work he does on poor children around the world. His charitable work is also a beautiful testimony of who he is as a person. He is very caring and not just a plastic surgeon for the money or fame. All I can say is choose Dr. Corbin. He is the Best!! Dr. Corbin is the breast expert!

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I like the quality work and the professionalism of Dr. Corbin. I originally had my breasts done somewhere else and I was unhappy with the outcome. I was referred to Dr. Corbin and he recommended a two stage breast surgery for the best result. I trusted Dr. Corbin and his staff. I felt so comfortable to have my surgery with him. Finally, I have the breasts I love. I would recommend Dr. Corbin to anybody. Thank you for the excellent care and beautiful breasts.



I have always dreamed of having a voluptuous body. Being so petite, I was always told that I look like a little girl. Having my breasts augmented was a far fetched dream for me. I had three other consultations prior to meeting Dr. Corbin. Until I saw Dr. Corbin I was totally confused because I had different options from the other Dr.'s. I was nervous to make the right choice. When I first found Dr. Corbin's website I felt an instant connection. When I went for my consultation his staff answered all my questions and made me feel like family. They were fabulous! My Breast augmentation was unbelievably easy. Three days of recovery time and I came out a new woman with beautiful breasts! I am very happy with my results. My breasts are beautiful and soft. My husband thinks I am HOT! It is nice to feel sexy in front of my husband. He is so pleased with my new sexy body. Since my breast implant surgery my confidence has hit a record high.

Dr. Corbin, Marilyn, Dee, Meredith and staff thank you so much for your warmth and kindness. You changed my life. You truly are the breast experts!


My name is Christi. I am an Asian female who did a lot of reading and research before I decided to have breast implants. My #1 concern was that my breasts would look fake and feel hard. Now that I have had the surgery with Dr. Corbin I highly recommend breast augmentation. From what I remember the procedure took about an hour. For me it wasn't painful, but it did take 4-7 days to recover. I had my breast implants put in under the arms and the result came out really nice! It is definitely worth having breast surgery.


Thank you Dr. Corbin for my new breasts! I am very, very, very happy with my breast implants. I am totally comfortable with them and now everything fits me perfectly. Dr. Corbin and his staff have made my dreams come true. I work in an industry with a lot of beautiful women and now I feel like I am one of them! I am very thankful to Dr. Corbin for doing a great job. I can't be happier and thank you again.



I highly recommend Dr. Corbin and his entire staff. When researching for a well experienced and reputable Doctor for my Breast Augmentation I came across Dr. Corbin's website, "the breast expert" What I really liked after reading his entire breast site was that he did charity work and reconstructive surgery for the less fortunate. Dr. Corbin cares about his work and his patients. I was really nervous about getting the right size breast implants, but Corinne and Dee were great and made me feel so comfortable with the choice they helped me make. I did not want to have too big of breasts or too small. Everything after surgery is perfect for me! I am so pleased with the results. Even Dr. Corbin mentioned how well and quickly my body recovered from the breast surgery. Now I am contemplating rhinoplasty revision. I had my nose done by another surgeon and I don't see much of a change. I am now confidant that if Dr. Corbin fixes my nose he will do a great job and make it look natural. I just hope he plans on working another 30 years because I wouldn't trust my face and body in anyone else's hands!!



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